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Open and check the workstation Remove the workstation’s side access panel to access the inside of the computer. Check that the following default components are installed in the workstation: CPU DIMMs Optical drive One hard drive in hard-drive bay 0. Validate that the SATA ports on the motherboard are properly connected. A list of all the ports is on the back of the workstation’s … The Config Guide shows a rather odd RAM configuration:Â Either 6, 12, or 24 GB ram. I’m going to have to pull four GB – two of my sticks. Graphics cards : Resolve requires (2) graphics cards – one to drive the primary display, one that simply handles render duties and shouldn’t have any displays attached to it. 3. Connect audio equipment to RCA output connectors (optional) 4. Apply power to the converter (AJA power supply included). 5. The converter will now run using the default factory settings. This default configuration applies no conversion, passing the incoming video to the outputs, and For example in an HP z800 or z820 workstation the GPU is frequently used in slot #2. By putting the Kona card in slot #4 which is not serviced by the same controller maximum bandwidth between the two cards can be achieved. AJA's website has a page describing recommend configurations for various hardware: AJA Kona and Io users can now easily access the new HLG HDR features in the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro, enabling them to edit and deliver HDR content.. Kon and Io customers using AJA Kona 5, Kona 4, Kona IP, Io 4K Plus, Io 4K or Io IP with the AJA Control Panel interface and AJA Control Room software, including the latest soon to be released — version 16 — can simply open the AJA

For a list of compatible devices for HD-SDI output in LiveGrade Pro 3 and 4 please in the “Add Device” submenu of the “Slots” menu, or in the device manager. “Horizontal ANC Record Flag” for supported AJA capture devices ( Kona 4

6/9/2009 The HP Z440 (4U rack units) is a high performance single-CPU workstation with 8 memory slots, multiple storage and PCIe configuration options. More details about the HP Z440 can be found on HP’s website: HP Z440 Info .

This is my configuration: Slot 4 - Atto 4 Slot 3 - Kona 2 Slot 2 - Tempo X Slot 1 - ATI CARD and it seems to be working fine, so far. My biggest problem was that my Kona-2 got fried when I put in the Sonnet card for some reason. Here are my bench tests. Keep in mind the following. My Huge drive is 1.2 TB and has 100 GB free. The Sata drives are


I have an AJA Kona 5 SDI card, and am having trouble getting full 8k output (or multiple 4k outputs) in adam October 19, 2020, 3:25pm #1. I have an Are there maybe settings in the AJA Control Panel, or other configurations that ne

AJA cable to the SDI1, SDI2, SDI3 and SDI4 ports on the back of the AJA K3G-Box, as illustrated. 11. Connect the AJA control cable to the AJA Kona card and to the corresponding port on the back of the AJA K3G-Box. Note: AJA Kona 3G is shipping with up to date firmware. Firmware update procedure will be

12 Nov 2019 KONA Capture, Display, Convert v15.5. 3 Notices . Audio Setup Screen . de-interlacing, and large multi-point digital interpolators. Locate a recommended PCIe slot (see "Optimum PCIe Slot Place

1 Dec 2015 by application” - this is under the performance setting of the driver. Please note, the high frame rate options are only available for the Kona 4,  On the same day both AJA and Blackmagic Design published new drivers for their of AJA products including KONA 4, KONA 3G, KONA LHi, KONA LHe Plus , Io 4K, Room capture/playback software; AJA Control Panel configuration software .. 1 Jun 2010 AJA VIDEO KONA 3 V7.5. KONA 3 card running Version 7.5 software enables double-speed VPID as part of KONA 3 SDI output for support of select dual-link monitors. feature embedding and de-embedding for analog and digi O Color Finesse te oferece as ferramentas de correção e aprimoramento de cores Finesse 3 não requer uma placa de vídeo específica, tipo específico de slot, de um dispositivo de saída de vídeo, incluindo Blackmagic design, AJA Kon For a list of compatible devices for HD-SDI output in LiveGrade Pro 3 and 4 please in the “Add Device” submenu of the “Slots” menu, or in the device manager. “Horizontal ANC Record Flag” for supported AJA capture devices ( Kona 4